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Muña Khunuca: The Incan Oregano

The Khunuca pronounced Juñuca (Muña blanca, Muña Juñuca) – Satureja boliviana (Clinopodium bolivianum) - is a perennial plant from the Labiatae family that takes the form of a small shrub,

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Gaultheria: almost like aspirin!

La Gaulteria o ‘Wintergreen’ en inglés es un mini-arbusto siempreverde de 10 a 15cm, nativo de los bosques de América del norte, Canadá, Nepal y China. Se trata de una

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3 essential oils for a better sleep

Do you struggle with falling asleep at night or find yourself tossing and turning until the early hours of the morning? Sleep is a crucial part of our overall health and wellbeing

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Gas chromatography: What is it for?

Gas chromatography is a technique for separating gas mixtures that is used in many industries, including aromatherapy. In the field of aromatherapy, gas chromatography

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